Our Story


The story of Hooby's brewing



What began as an ongoing joke, has now become reality!

For the past few years, the Stocking family always said they were going to open a brewery. Opening day was also to be on April 1st (– in all fairness, we never clarified of what year). As time went on, more and more friends were starting to get excited about the idea and kept asking us when we were really going to open the brewery we had always talked about – to which we would just laugh and say April 1st. The constant questioning created more and more of a desire to stop procrastinating and make it a reality, so that’s what we did.

Today, you can find us brewing our own beer out at our Highway 128 location just a few miles outside of Winters. Stop by our tasting room to try our delicious beers. We’re located within the Winters city limits at 9 E Main Street, Suite J (just next door to the Steady Eddy’s, Velocity Bicycles, and Ficelle).


Hooby’s Brewing is a family owned and operated brewery. We pride ourselves in making this a fun and safe atmosphere for family gatherings and date nights. We hope you enjoy our establishment as much as we’ve enjoyed making this dream a reality.


The Stocking Team -- Curtis, Susie, Melanie, Chad, Courtney, & Jackie

* Thanks for the photo, Mom