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Donation requests

Under current California law, merchandise may not be donated. Also, beer may not be auctioned and all beer donated to a non-profit event must be consumed on the premises. No beer may be removed from the event.

Due to state laws from the California ABC (Alcohol & Beverage Control), we are only able to donate beers to non-profit events that meet all of the requirements.  The ABC California Business & Professions code 23357.3 outlines the statute related to these events and donations.

Beer manufacturers that hold a Type 01 or a Type 23 license [that's us] can donate to non-profit organizations. Breweries are only allowed to donate to federally designated 501(c) organizations. For events where breweries are going to pour beer a non-profit organization must apply for a special daily permit license (ABC 221) through the ABC. Or breweries may donate beer to a 501(c) organization that is holding a private event (not open to the public, no charge for admission and no sales of alcohol) that is being held at a location that is not licensed by the ABC.

For more details to see if you qualify for a donation, please contact us at Donation requests must be received at least 4 weeks in prior to event. Thank you.